Our People

Meet the McRoberts team. We’re knowledgeable, compassionate and eager to meet new clients. We’re here for you!

Brittany Dales

Legal Assistant
P: 204-944-2077
E: bd@mlo-llp.com

Lorrie Donald

Legal Assistant
P: 204-944-7942
E: ld@mlo-llp.com

Keri Feledechuk

Legal Assistant
P: 204-944-7922
E: kf@mlo-llp.com

Jesse Jolin

Legal Assistant
P: 204-944-7929
E: jj@mlo-llp.com

Liz Matos

Legal Assistant
P: 204-944-7973
E: lm@mlo-llp.com

Lisa Olafson

Legal Assistant
P: 204-944-7975
E: lo@mlo-llp.com

Lisa Regier

Real Estate Paralegal
E: 204-944-2080

Ashley Boyd

Real Estate Paralegal
P: 204-944-2081
E: ab@mlo-llp.com

Audrey Froese

Real Estate Paralegal
P: 204-944-7982
E: af@mlo-llp.com

Dora Job

Immigration Consultant
P: 204-944-7911
E: dj@mlo-llp.com

Mel Dubuc

Office Manager
P: 204-944-7974
E: md1@mlo-llp.com