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The civil litigation lawyers at McRoberts Law Office LLP wish to provide you with the best possible advice and service.

McRoberts Law Office LLP Commitment

  • To inform you of what you are entitled and have a right to under the law.
  • To protect you – and your family's – financial future.
  • To ensure that whenever necessary, you receive appropriate reports from outside professionals, including doctors and actuaries.
  • To reduce your stress and burden when dealing with a legal claim.
  • To use our experience and knowledge to present your case in the most effective way possible.
  • To provide you with the most compensation that you are entitled to.
  • To be your representative – to listen to you and speak for you.
  • To treat you with respect.
  • To always be honest, even if it means telling you things you do not wish to hear.
  • To charge a fee that is fair, reasonable and fully disclosed.

Settlement investment

Helping you invest your settlement

We strongly suggest that you obtain independent financial advice when you receive your settlement. The money you receive might have to replace future annual earnings, or cover certain expenses throughout your lifetime. The settlement proceeds may also incur tax implications that require forethought. We will provide you with all the referrals that you need.

Helping recovery

Helping you recover from your injuries/treatment providers

When you have been injured, one of the last things you will want to do is spend time and effort on locating medical advice that will help you on the road to recovery. We have many years of experience in dealing with injury claims like yours, and we know how important it is to know that everything within your power is being done to help your recovery. We will help you when you need help the most, and refer you to a treatment provider that best suits your needs.

Legal fees

No money recovered – no fee

In some cases, we will charge a fee based on a percentage of the money recovered. This means that you will not pay any money upfront, and will not be billed for anything if we are not successful. This is called a contingency fee.

  • Contingency fee means if you do not receive money, neither do we
  • Contingency fee means we do not get paid until you do
  • We guarantee our fee by a written contract
  • Our job is to ensure you receive the maximum amount

Types of claims

  1. Out of province auto injury claims
  2. Sexual assault claims
  3. Slip and fall accidents
  4. Residential school abuse
  5. Professional malpractice
  6. Unsafe products
  7. Spousal abuse
  8. Child abuse
  9. Dog bite and animal attack
  10. Airline or boating claims
  11. Educational malpractice

Practising Lawyers: Kenneth Thomas Greenhalgh, H. Mark LaClare, Martha P. Musuka, Conor Williamson, G. Alex Cudney, Garry Sinnock, Andrea Rous, Nick Doyle

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